Choosing software sucks

It’s 2019. All organizations need software to run efficiently. HelloBlackbox is dedicated to taking the pain out of choosing the right software for your organization.

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Better Data

For the past two years HelloBlackbox has been developing and perfecting a research methodology that cuts through the jargon and sales tactics vendors use to dazzle and obscure real features and services. You can be confident that the data we use to evaluate software is accurate, up-to-date, and fair. To learn more about our process check out how we do it.

Better Matching

Lets face it, human feelings, assessments are flawed. Anyone else remember their prom date? HelloBlackbox’s analysts work with you and our algorithm to determine what’s absolutely essential to the software you choose and what’s simply nice to have. Our algorithm is not swayed by a nice logo, a fancy website, slick copy-writing, or executive connections. Blackbox doesn’t find the most popular software in your industry or the software your competition uses. Blackbox finds the best software for you.

Our Team

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