HelloBlackbox is the pain-free way to discover the best software solutions for your business

HelloBlackbox saves you time, money and gives you confidence (backed up by cold hard data) to make critical decisions.

HelloBlackbox by the numbers

How We Do It

Our Methodology

More than an algorithm, more than a search, HelloBlackbox is a system to find the right software for you.



You start by telling HelloBlackbox about your unique challenges and objectives.



HelloBlackbox then asks you specific questions generated by our algorithm to refine your requirements and preferences to get you what you need.



Get a beautiful report, with a synthesis of your challenge, and recommendations generated by our algorithm and database to move forward with.


Our database

Our analysis starts where yours would end. We have done all of the legwork of researching software tools and translating jargon to understand true differentiators in the marketplace for each software category.


Our algorithm

Our algorithm intakes anything you have to tell us upfront, like only a computer can do. Along with our world class data scientists, the algorithm generates questions based on what is available in market to narrow your requirements and preferences so we really do get you the best software for you.